Barry Edson

barry edsonSenior Trial Lawyer and Founder

“I’ve dedicated more than 30 years to helping personal injury victims get the compensation they deserve, so they can get their lives back on track.”

Since being called to the Bar in 1982, Barry Edson has committed himself to helping victims of personal injury and disability and their families. He understands what they are suffering and works hard to get them just compensation.

Over the years he has handled thousands of cases. He has helped his seriously injured and disabled clients navigate countless mediations and discoveries and successfully fought their cases at every level of court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal, Divisional Court of Ontario, Superior Court of Justice and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Barry set a landmark precedent in the 1998 Cugliari v. White motor vehicle injury Ontario Court of Appeal case, which won a significant settlement for the plaintiff and cost the insurance industry hundreds of millions of dollars and led to a change in the law for the betterment of thousands of seriously disabled car accident victims.

Whether he negotiates a settlement or goes to court, Barry gets results. He handles a significant caseload himself and oversees the work of his high-achieving staff. Over the years his firm has won hundreds of millions of dollars in claims and settlements (more than $10 million in 2014 alone).

If a lawyer in another firm needs advice on a complex case, Barry Edson is often the expert they will turn to.

He is also dedicated to supporting community and maintaining the highest professional standards. He and his team mentor other lawyers and paralegals on personal injury litigation and disability claims. He has lectured at seminars organized by the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Advocates Society, and is a member of the Advocates Society, the Toronto Lawyers Association, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.