What Clients Say about Edson Legal

“I suffered a serious hand injury as the result of the use of a defective juicer. The manufacturer initially denied liability but fortunately my claim was handled by Barry Edson. An engineering firm was retained and Barry Edson travelled to Europe to examine witnesses. He recommended that I reject an offer of $150,000 to settle. When we were close to trial, Barry Edson settled my claim for over $500,000. I do not hesitate to recommend Barry Edson to anybody needing serious and effective representation.” — J.C., Toronto

“I was struck on the knee by a car in a low-impact collision and initially suffered a bruised knee. My condition got worse. My doctors couldn’t explain it. My own insurance company cut off my benefits. I was offered $25,000t o settle. My lawyer recommended I accept the offer. I fired my lawyer and hired Barry Edson. Barry sent me to one of Canada’s leading pain specialists, who found out I had developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Barry Edson settled my claim for over $1,000,000.” —N.C., Toronto

“I suffered very serious injuries when I slipped and fell at my apartment building. My landlord denied my claim. My own insurance company refused to pay my disability benefits but I was represented by Barry Edson. He hired a firm of private investigators that conducted surveillance of my apartment building and interviewed other tenants. He also retained leading orthopaedic experts as part of his team. He successfully recovered several hundred thousand dollars for me. I have recommended Barry Edson to others ever since.” — R.J., North York

“My wife sustained a catastrophic injury in a car accident. She was offered $1,000,000 to settle. Barry Edson told us to reject the offer. On the eve of the trial he recovered $2,000,000, representing all of the insurance money available to settle the claim. We strongly recommend that Barry Edson be retained to represent the interests of persons suffering serious and catastrophic injury.” — A. Ibay, Toronto

“I have been practising chiropractic medicine in Toronto for over 20 years. I have treated many of Barry Edson’s clients. I have never ceased to be amazed by the results he achieves for them – far exceeding the results that I routinely see from most other personal injury lawyers representing clients with similar injuries. Barry Edson is one of the best in the province.” — Edward Shane, DC, Toronto

“I developed a serious drug addiction and found myself unable to work and function. My disability policy lapsed during this time and I was several months late in submitting my claim for benefits. I then consulted Barry Edson, who took my case and sent me to leading experts in the treatment of drug addiction. My insurance company initially denied my claim because it had been submitted late and after the policy lapsed. Barry was successful in recovering all of my benefits and getting my policy reinstated. He also assisted me in getting rid of the addiction. I will be forever grateful to Barry Edson for his help in my time of need.” — T. S. Thornhill, Ontario