Edson Legal are experts in pursing personal injury claims for our clients, which since 1982, has given us the reputation of being the most successful personal injury lawyers in Ontario. Our passion is to help those who cannot help themselves and we go above and beyond to achieve success. You deserve to be represented by professionals who have the legal expertise in Personal Injury claims and are familiar with the insurance companies we face.

When you are in a serious accident, your first thoughts do not often based on what your rights are. You are legally entitled to compensation following an accident and serious injuries, such as:

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  • Product Liability Claims
  • Long-Term Disability Claims
  • Dog Bites
  • Travel Medical Insurance Claims
  • Life Insurance Claims
  • Critical Illness Insurance Claims
  • Car, Motorcycle, ATV, Bike, and Boating accidents
  • …and more.

Serious injuries are physically, emotionally, and financially costly. As such, your serious injury case demands a lawyer who will fight on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve, to get the best recovery possible. At Edson Legal, we are not afraid to invest in you to secure compensation from lost wages and medical bills. As a client, you need not worry about paying any upfront costs or retainer fees—we only get paid when our clients win compensation from the insurance companies.

Our lawyers in Markham are expertly equipped to take on legal and insurance issues that arise after any serious injury. Edson Legal goes above and beyond for our clients, even setting precedents in court regarding fair compensation for Ontario car crash victims (e.g., Cugliari v. White, Ontario Court of Appeal), which effectively changed the law and made it easier for the people of Ontario to receive the compensation they are due.

Our history of success and creating winning cases for our clients have resulted in fair settlements and burdens lifted from the shoulders of injury victims. You have enough to deal with—Edson Legal will fight for you with our skills in personal injury, disability, and insurance law. We will ensure that you completely understand your rights under the law, medical treatments you need, the legal process with our lawyers, as well as the financial compensation you deserve, and the process if your case is settled or goes to trial.

Having won more than 10 million dollars in settlements and claims for our clients in 2014 alone, our track record and dedication speaks for itself—and can speak for you too.

It is important to make an appointment immediately following a serious accident. Our lawyers will begin working for you while the evidence is fresh and before any claims deadlines pass. We will explain our fee structure, your legal options, and where your claim stands. We believe in what we do at Edson Legal and we invest everything in our clients in the highest confidence that we will win your case and get you the help you need.

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