Slips & Falls

Some falls are hard to recover from. They can cause serious injury, permanent damage and even death.

This is why Ontario law makes it the responsibility of stores, businesses and other property owners to take reasonable precautions to keep their properties safe.

Without proper precautions, serious slips and falls can occur because of floors with slippery spills, sidewalks that have not been cleared of snow and ice, stairwells with inadequate lighting, walkways with broken or uneven surfaces, and the list goes on. . . .

At Edson Legal we have successfully handled thousands of serious injury slip-and-fall cases. We have deep experience in proving liability, even in very complex cases. If your injury qualifies, we will, at our expense, hire a private investigator to make the strongest case.

It is important to act quickly after a serious fall. Falls on government property, for example, need to be reported soon after, or the right to recover damages may be lost.

So contact Edson Legal immediately. We will help you understand all your options in a free first consultation. And we will work speedily to get a liability investigation underway so you can get just compensation.

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