Motor Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic, life-altering experience, leading to major loss of income, long-term disability and even death.

Accidents involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, public transportation and even boats can result in serious injury.

Motor vehicle laws are complex and changing. To navigate the province’s no-fault insurance regulations and tort claims requires lawyers with deep experience in personal injury law.

At Edson Legal, we have taken thousands of motor vehicle injury cases and recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Insurance companies are well aware of our reputation for vigorously defending client interests in court and out of court, and conduct themselves accordingly.

If you qualify, there are several types of accident benefits you may be entitled to, no matter who is at fault. These can include:

  • Income replacement benefits
  • Caregiver benefits
  • Non-earner benefits (for unemployed and self-employed claimants)
  • Medical and rehabilitation benefits
  • Attendant care benefits
  • Funeral expenses and death benefits
  • Other benefits, including housekeeping assistance, visitor expenses, eyeglasses repair or replacement, etc.

Through a lawsuit (tort claim) you may also be able to get compensation for pain and suffering and to recover economic losses because of your serious motor vehicle injury. We can conduct a thorough investigation to determine fault and have at our disposal all the experts required to prove your claim.

But it is important to act quickly to get your claim underway. In a free first consultation, Edson Legal will explain Ontario’s Insurance Act provisions to you and the rules of the road governing your claim. And we can set the wheels in motion to get you just compensation.

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