Long-Term Disability and Critical Injury Claims

You invest thousands of dollars in a disability or critical illness policy hoping to never use it. But if calamity strikes, you will need to access the insurance funds are there you have paid for to provide you the long-term care you need and to make up for lost wages.

Unfortunately insurers may deny claims for a variety of reasons. They could cite mistakes or misrepresentations made when you purchased the policy. They could argue that the condition you are suffering does not conform to the definition set out in the policy. And so on.

If you believe you have been wrongly denied disability or critical illness benefits from privately purchased insurance (either an individually purchased policy or a group insurance policy provided by an employer), you need an experienced lawyer who will zealously defend your rights.

At Edson Legal we have successfully handled many serious disability and critical insurance disputes. We use all the resources and experience at our disposal to ensure you make the strongest claim possible, receiving the insurance benefits you have paid so much for.

In a free initial consultation, we will review your policy with you and explain your rights and obligations.


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