Life Insurance and Critical Illness Disputes

People buy life insurance to protect loved ones in the case of their passing. Insurance benefits are designed to help survivors pay all expenses related to the death. Without these, they will have financial hardship added to their emotional suffering.

During this difficult time, insurance companies sometimes play hardball, perhaps denying coverage because they claim the person misrepresented themselves in the insurance application. (This will check their pre-claim medical history after the claim is made, not when they apply for coverage.) While insurers are always willing to take premiums, they may drag their feet when it comes time to pay out.

However, insurance law recognizes differences between a fraudulent and an innocent misrepresentation. If a life insurance claim for a loved one has been denied because of alleged misrepresentation, you need to consult with an experienced insurance lawyer. At Edson Legal, we handle serious denied life insurance claims ($100,000 plus), winning our clients millions of dollars of compensation over the years.

It can be equally difficult to collect benefits from critical illness insurance, designed to help provide continuing care if you suffer a serious, life-altering illness, such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s or many others. If you do not properly negotiate the complex series of procedures surrounding a policy, you may find yourself without money for medical expenses, loss of income and so on.

Critical illness insurance is usually designed to pay the insured amount when you develop one of the conditions listed in the policy. The insurance company might argue that the condition you have suffered does not meets the definition set out in the policy.

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