Disability Claim Denied? Know Your Rights!

badgeFaced with a long-term disability after an accident, you or a loved one want access to the insurance funds you have paid so much into over the years.

But what happens if you are denied access to the money you need for medical care and wage replacement? They could, for example, argue that the condition you are suffering does not conform to the definition set out in the policy.

Then you need to consult a personal injury lawyer with a proven track record dealing with insurance companies.

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We have successfully handled many claims over the years. Insurance companies respect Edson Legal and know we will take a case all the way to court, if necessary, to pursue our clients’ best interests – and get them the settlement they deserve.

We understand that proving a claim can be a costly process. Edson Legal works on a contingency basis – so you do not pay us, or even pay for a retainer, unless we secure a just result for you.

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